Welcome! PLEASE CALL OUR STORE BEFORE PLACING ORDERS.. We are still having trouble with website accuracy!

Shipping a firearm can seem like a daunting task. We are here and happy to help! 

Whether you are selling a firearm online and need assistance sending it to another dealer for pickup, or if you have made an online purchase and need us to receive the firearm for you, we are here to help.

If you are selling a firearm online, here is what you will need to do:

  1 - Obtain a copy of the FFL (Federal Firearms License) for the dealer that the firearm is going to be shipped to for pickup.

  2 - Bring the firearm into our store. Be sure it is UNLOADED, with no ammunition in the box!! Ammunition may NOT be shipped with the firearm!

  3 - If you have packaging material you want us to use, that is fine. Just ensure that the box is not sealed. We will need to personally inspect the firearm and contents before shipping.

  4 - You may select the shipping service/speed/insurance as is appropriate for your item.

  5 - We will calculate the shipping, contact you for payment, and provide you with tracking information at that time.


If you have made an online purchase, and simply need a dealer to take receipt of the firearm for you to pick up:

  1 - If you purchased through GunBroker, the seller can download my FFL directly from GunBroker's site. That is all they will need to ship the firearm here for receipt and transfer.

  2 - A number of larger online sellers already have my FFL on file, and will allow you to simply select me at checkout as the dealer you want the item shipped to.  If I am listed there, there is nothing more you will need to do, other than watch your tracking and wait for the firearm to arrive here and be processed for pickup.

  3 - If you are buying through a private indvidual, or a site that does not provide my information automatically: Contact me with the email the seller would like my FFL sent to. This can be sent to me through email, messaging on our website, or via phone.  Once I receive that, I will send them a copy of my FFL, and they will be able to ship the firearm here.

  *  Please note: Once your tracking announces that your package has arrived, please realize that it made it's appearance here amongst what is often times dozens of other packages. We will open, log, and process your firearm as quickly as possible, but depending on daily volume, this process could take upwards of 1-2 hours. We know receiving a new purchase is exciting, but please keep this in mind as you schedule your arrival time. Thank you!!