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Firearm Cleaning
Scope Mounting and Boresighting
Firearm Repairs

The majority of our gunsmithing is done off-site by: Clay Youndt Gunsmithing – 717-336-4240.

Contact him directly or drop off your firearm with us and we will take care of the rest.  (Pricing varies by project.)

Custom Gun Builder Referrals

For those looking for a custom rifle build, Mr. William Goad is someone we highly recommend reaching out to!

Warranty Service Assistance

Support your local economy

Everyone loves the convenience of online shopping these days, but remember that the local stores need to be here to ship those purchases to! Stop in and browse our store before hitting that order button... we just might have what you're looking for right here on our shelves!

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In-person assistance

No matter what you buy, you might find yourself facing an issue down the road.  Having a helpful team to come in and speak with, and help you work through the issue, can be invaluable!  We are always here to answer questions, or assist with warranty or aftermarker repairs.

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Fund-raising help

We are always happy to help organizations put together fund-raising raffles.  Whether it's your clubs first experience running one, or your 30th year like some of the clubs we work with, we are always willing to help make your fundraiser a success!

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Family-Owned and Family-Run

We value the reputation that has been built by three generations of our family, and will do everything we can to make sure that the traditions and values we have been raised on continue for years to come. Stop in, and you might just see the 4th generation hanging out behind the counter starting to learn the trade!

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Darren Y.

I love this place. This hidden gem is easily the best shop in the county…period. They have a great staff and they give fair value on trades which most shops don’t. Prices are good and with regards to selection, if they don’t have it, they can get it

Tracy E.

Yesterday was out first visit into your store & I must say we were highly impressed. We left with ammo, accessories, & my husband got a DB 9mm. We were very impressed with your selection, helpfulness, & prices. So much so, that I stopped back today & purchased a Hi-point 40 cal. for my dad! You will be our shop for all of our gun needs going forward!

John D.

Friendliest shop in the county! Always kind and extremely helpful!