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C.C. For Women

As women, we face challenges when trying to conceal carry on a daily basis. Jean pockets definitely do not accommodate a pocket sized firearm, the ankles on most pants won’t conceal an ankle holster and stretch pants & skirts won’t support a holster. And if you’re wearing a dress – good luck! Thankfully, we do have a few other options!

There is always the belly band, which can be very concealable and comfortable (if worn over a tank top). Or an IWB holster if the waist band on your jeans has a little give.

Another option is a conceal carry purse. These purses have a zipper compartment designed specifically for your firearm keeping it out of sight as well as easily accessible. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors to fit pretty much any fashion style you like. Most of these purses also feature a locking zipper so you can have peace of mind knowing that no one except you can get at your firearm. Check out some of the styles we have in stock!