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Archery at Kerper's

Archery at Kerper’s is a division of Kerper’s Gun Shop LLC and offers a wide variety of archery supplies as well as on site repair work. Stop in and check out our selection of Crossbows, Compound Bows and Bow Fishing supplies.

We also offer a video shooting range (no crossbows please) for up to 6 shooters at a time. Call today to reserve your time.

  • 15 Minutes – $8 per person
  • 30 Minutes – $10 per person
  • 60 Minutes – $18 per person

Our brands include Elite, Barnett, Ten Point, Rage, Lumenok, G5, Grim Reaper and many more.

Popular Brands

We are happy to sell and service a variety of compound bows as well as crossbows, for both hunters and target shooters.  Some of the brands we carry: Bows - Elite, and Diamond. Crossbows - TenPoint, Wicked Ridge, Barnett, Excalibur. Targets - Big Shot and Hurricane. Broadheads - G5, Grim Reaper, Slick Trick, Muzzy, Rage, Swhacker, Ramcat... and many more. We also have a variety of other shooting accessories.  Plus, we are always happy to special order any items not currently in inventory.

Bow Service

  • Labor Rate – $45 per hour
  • Bow setup – $40 (rest, sight, draw length & weight)
  • Basic bow tune up – $35 plus parts as needed
  • New Strings and Cables
    • Compounds – $140-$170 per set
    • Crossbow – $100 per set
  • Lube bow/pockets – $40
  • Reserve center/cable – $30/$35
  • Paper tune/Laser tune – $10 each
  • Tie in peep – $8
  • String loop – $7
  • Kisser button – $5
  • Cat Whiskers – $10
  • Bore sight crossbow – $5
  • Re-fletch arrow – $4 each
  • Cut down arrows – $2 per 1/2 dozen
  • Please note – We do our best to make sure your bow is ready for pick up as soon as possible, but due to inventory and staff shortages, service time may be extended a couple of days.
  • All string sets are ordered through VaporTrail on an as needed basis. Normally, we will have them within a week of ordering, but the closer it gets to archery season the longer it may take.